Thursday, 20 March 2008

Jaaju Jaaju Stories - Three men and a Woman

Jaaju Jaaju Stories - Three men and a woman

This time it is a story about the famous King Vikramaditya.

Once three men disputed about a woman. This is a perfect example of a story that demonstrates the duties involved in lokasamgraha.

Keshav, the Brahmin, had a daughter whose name was Madhumalati. She had three suitors: Tribikram, Baman and Madhusudan. However, before Keshav could decide on the best suitor, Madhumalati was bit by a serpent and died. Each, deeply embittered by the death of their beloved, acted differently. They divided the relics of their beloved before parting and went their ways. Tribikram collected Madhumalati’s bones and became an ascetic. Baman tied up a bundle of Madhumalati’s ashes and went to live in the forest. He mourned Madhumalati’s death while in sannyasa lying in her ashes from dusk to dawn. Madhusudan, like Tribikram, became an ascetic. However, he was so disheartened by his love’s demise that he chose not to have anything to do with her remains.

On his journeys, Madhusudan learned how to bring the dead back to life. He hurried back and assembling the others brought Madhumalati back to life. The question that the vampire asks here is who should lay claim to her? The King answers correctly. Tribikram preserved her bones, and in doing so, placed himself in the position of Madhumalati’s son. Madhusudan, by restoring his beloved’s life, placed himself in the position of a father. Baman by preserving Madhumalati’s ashes and lying in them performed the duty of a husband.

King Vikramaditya is a ruler of high virtue. Obviously he knows the intricacies of lokasamgraha. This story outlines the various duties associated with different people in samsara.

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