Friday, 27 February 2009

3rd Indo Arab Cultural Festival 26th February to 7th March 2009, Abu Dhabi

3rd Indo Arab Cultural Festival organized by Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi started yesterday evening with a grand opening. The festival will be held from 26th February till 7th March 2009.

Excerpts of the inaugural function held on Thursday, 26th February 2009 at the Kerala Social Centre premises in Abu Dhabi

More videos and photo uploads follows:

Sri Sudhir Kumar Shetty giving his felicitation speech

Performance Satyana Rangeela by a group of Rajasthani singers

Release of Pravasi – an internal magazine by Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi

Sri C Radhakrishnan giving his felicitation speech

Sri D Raja, MP, giving his speech during the inaugural function

Mrs K Ajitha, giving her speech during the inaugural function

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

It's OJRA re time at Abu Dhabi

From 15th February 2009 Abu Dhabi Bus service is no more free. However, they have introduced an economically viable pricing system for public to travel taking tickets on a daily, monthly basis. The daily/monthly coupons are called OJRA. From the rush within the bus, it seems public find it convenient and useful to travel by these buses, even if they have to pay. So, it's OJRA re time in Abu Dhabi.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Towards and cleaner and healthier environment

Vow!! What a nice view. You must be thinking while looking at the picture immediately below. It was taken from the newly built pedestrian bridge on a Friday morning as soon as it was installed for the use of residents in Tourist Club Area Abu Dhabi.

A casual walk that morning, and it's beauty did not last long. I was really shocked to see the amount of garbage thrown on top of it.

Garbage items thrown carelessly everywhere. How is it possible to create an un-healthy environment so soon. That was my question? A few days passed and I found the amount of garbage increasing. As always, reacting to such issues, I tried to contact the relevant authorities. It didn't turn out to be a waste of effort.

Report in Gulf News - Your Turn community report page.

In an hours time after my email to the Abu Dhabi Municipality authority, the area was totally clean and they were reciprocative to my added request of initiating appropriate guidelines and notices to warn general public of use and misuse.


It is a different view altogether and happier environment for the public. All the more, we know now, you are live and respond to the well being of the residents.

Dual responsibility in road safety

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Do’s and Don’ts When Driving in Foggy Conditions

Do’s and Don’ts When Driving in Foggy Conditions

õ While driving under foggy weather, motorists should reduce the speed gradually and drive at a controlled speed that fits the circumstances.

õ Motorists should make sure that all the lights of the vehicle are in good working condition, the instructions read.

õ They should use low lights as the head lights reflect water drops in the fog, thus making visibility difficult.

õ Motorists are advised to switch on the fog lights if available in the car and be patient avoiding overtaking and changing lanes.

õ The motorists have been advised to follow the traffic signals on the road and drive at the right end of the road and not in the middle.

õ They have also been instructed to leave double space than usual between two vehicles and be vigilant and alert for any possible mishap.

õ While driving under foggy conditions, motorists should keep themselves away from any distractions like mobile phones etc.

õ Motorists should be careful in listening and pay attention to any warnings and the road.

õ While driving, make sure that the window panes and mirrors are clean and use vipers.

õ If the fog is thick, motorists should stop the vehicles away from the road and vehicular traffic and turn the hazard lights on.

õ Motorists are also advised not to stop the vehicle on the road or they could get involved in a mishap leading to a serious pile up.

õ Motorists are advised not to speed, even if the fog starts clearing as the fog can get thick again.

õ One should not try to speed by overtaking a slow moving car and keep an eye on the speed.

õ If a motorist realizes that he is speeding, one should reduce it immediately.

õ Motorists have been advised to use low beam lights in poor visibility conditions.

õ Before starting a journey, motorists are advised to listen to the weather forecast bulletin and the condition of traffic.

õ They are advised to cancel the journey until the situation improves, the instructions said.

courtesy: Khaleej Times

Drunk driver gets co-driver jailed

Drunk driver gets co-driver jailed
By: Aditya Anand for Mid Day Mumbai

The next time you are traveling with friends and know that the person at the wheel is drunk better stop him. Or else face the consequences.

In a first of its kind incident since Mumbai traffic police initiated the anti-drink-and-drive campaign in 2007, a co-passenger was booked and later ordered a day's simple imprisonment by the court for being aware that the driver was drunk and yet did not stop him from taking to the wheel.

Traffic police inspector, Mulund, Vinay Bagade informed that on February 4, the traffic police, during the anti-drink-and-drive campaign at Modella Check Naka in Mulund flagged down a Maruti Swift for checking.

As the driver Yogesh Bhoir (21) tested positive, the co-passenger Lokesh Gholap (22) was asked if he was aware that the driver had consumed alcohol; and he was violating the law by driving in a drunken condition. To this the co-passenger replied in the affirmative. Hence, the driver was booked under section 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) and the co-passenger was booked under section 188 of the MVA.

Interestingly, Bhoir also did not possess a driving license. Since the duo abstained from visiting the court on February 5 summons were issued and they reported to the court on Wednesday.

Section 188 of the MVA, 1988 reads "Whoever abets the commission of an offence under section 184, 185 or 186 shall be punishable with the punishment provided for the offence."

Section 185 provides for a fine of up to Rs 2,000, suspension of driving license for minimum six months and; or imprisonment up to 6 months.

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