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ADNRD to issue temporary permits for maids

ADNRD to issue temporary permits for maids
By Ahmed Abdul Aziz KHALEEJ TIMES 15 March 2008

ABU DHABI – The sponsors, nationals and expatriates, can be issued temporary permits to allow them to hire house maids, drivers and domestic servants for three months from the current sponsors, if they agree, in the Abu Dhabi emirate, said an informed source at the Abu Dhabi Natrualisation and Residency Department (ADNRD).

Colonel Nasir Al Awadi Al Minhali, Director of ADNRD, told Khaleej Times in an interview that the temporary permits would cost Dh 500 and valid for three months and can be renewed in case the current sponsor agreed.

"This step was taken to give the new sponsors the chance to hire maids for the three months as a probation period before transferring the sponsorship if they want that", he said.

He elaborated that the temporary permit for maids is to avoid hiring illegals and facilitate the formalities by giving the applicants various options. "In this case, there is no violation to the residency department because the two sponsors will receive the endorsement of the ADNRD.

"The temporary permit to hire maids to another sponsor is to protect the rights of the housemaids and also to weed out the illegals from the country", he added.

The ADNRD will tighten its inspection on the housemaid hiring agencies in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. "So far, we didn't find erring agencies, otherwise, in case of violating the NRDs' instructions, agencies will face closure because excuses are not acceptable, in particular, for the rights of the maids and domestic servants", said Colonel Al Menhali.

No fees increase

Colonel Al Minhali affirmed that the decision makers have no intention to increase the fees of issuance of the visit, employment, domestic servant visas.

However, he pointed out that the ADNRD is studying the causes that created the illegals phenomenon and the survey will be completed in the end of this month [March]. The survey also includes the number and premises of the housemaids' agencies in the emirate that will ease monitoring their activities as a step to combat the visas trading.

For decrease the fines imposed on illegal expatriates, he said that the NRDs are not authorised to decrease the imposed fines, however, in case of the applicant demand that we transfer the application to the NRD court to state whether decrease the fines or not.

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