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The 64 Kalas (art forms)

The 64 Kalas (art forms)

The 64 Kalas is the classical curriculum of sacred sciences, studies, arts and skills listed in various Hindu shastra.
1. Histrionic Talents, Drama, story telling techniques, mnemonics etc.,
2. Making musical Instruments, simple mechanical devices etc.,
3. Playing Musical Instruments (i.e.) Instrumental music including jalatarangam- creating music with water, percussion and string instruments.
4. Decorating, Dressmaking, costume making, artful dressing and personal grooming.
5. Ornaments and head adornments
6. Singing and Dancing , practicing fine arts
7. Making beds, Bedroom decorations
8. Garland making, flower arrangement, designs with grains on the floor like Rangoli
9. Playing games like dice
10. Mastering eroticism as per Vatsyayana, erotic devices and sexual arts
11. Making honey, liquor , beverages and desserts
12. Plucking out arrows and healing
13. Cooking, eating and drinking skills
14. Horticulture, forestry
15. Breaking and pulverizing hardrock, mining
16. Making Medicines from herbs
17. Sorting, Mixing, Isolating Ingredients
18. Making and using Astras and Sustras
19. Wrestling, Boxing, Gymnastics, physical culture, body building etc.,
20. Making ICBM
21. Parades , Army Bands and Dharmic warfare
22. Ratha, Gaja, Turaga wars ( Chariot, Elephantry and Cavalry)
23. Asanas, Postures & Mudras
24. Training elephants, horses, birds
25. Making Vessels of clay, wood, bronze
26. Drawing
27. Making Paints & Painting
28. Architecture, Sculpture, house and temple construction, mosaic tiling
29. Mixing air, water etc (Air Products and Water Products)
30. Boats, Ships, Chariots etc
31. Making threads, ropes etc
32. Weaving and Spinning
33. Diamond , Precious Stones and gems-distinguishing them from ordinary ones.
34. Alchemy, Chemistry , preparing ointments, unguents for charm and virility
35. Jewellery making including artificial jewelry
36. Gold Plating, metallurgy
37. Skinning and Preserving bodies
38. Leather Technology
39. Dairy Farming
40. Tailoring, Sartorial skills and Embroidery
41. Swimming and water sports
42. Cleaning houses and vessels
43. Laundering and Washing
44. Hair dressing and Shaving
45. Managing Oil Resources
46. Having control over others' minds, spells, charms ,Omens
47. Tilling and agriculture
48. Handicrafts including Carpentry, furniture making and furnishing
49. Making Vessels of glass , ceramic and pottery
50. Drawing water & resources
51. Gardening and Fencing
52. Caporisoning elephants etc
53. Child rearing & Pediatrics including doll making and toy making for kids
54. Punishing guilty appropriately by Law and Order
55. Learning Languages / dialects (both native and foreign), literary excellence, semantics
56. Preparing 'Tambool' etc.
57. Composing impromptu poetry
58. Preparing perfumes, cosmetics, playing poetry games, oratory, elocution, prosody, rhetoric
59. Sorcery, Conjuring, Sleight of hand, Magic, Illusions, Impersonation
60. Composing Riddles, Rhymes, Verses, Puzzles, Tongue twisters and involved recitations
61. Making swords, Staffs, Archery
62. Training fighting partridges and rams, Cock fight, Bull fight etc.,
63. Teaching parrots, mynas to talk and training animals, Veterinary science
64. Writing in cipher codes and languages, secret mantras, coding and decoding.

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