Friday, 4 January 2008

His tryst with God

His tryst with God

Bassi Pendu||INNER VOICE||, January 4, 2008

It is the perspective of a person that keeps him going in his doings, don't you think?

The great writer of the Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki, was justifying his doings as robber because it was to maintain his family, until he realised that it was a sin.

After that he was a converted person from the core of the heart and a great personality, revered as the first poet and writer of the first kavya and the first sloka in our literature.

It makes me think of a related story of conversion. Nand Lal and Sham Lal lived on the bank of a river. The two friends were regular in visiting a temple on the other bank, but with different motives as they were at two opposite ends of the spectrum in matters of faith.

Nand Lal used to worship God by offering flowers and money but Sham Lal had no faith at all and so he would throw his slippers at the idol.

One day the river was flooded and Nand Lal decided not to worship at the temple. But Sham Lal crossed the river, endangering his life, and cheerfully threw his slippers as usual at the silent idol.

But when Sham Lal turned back, lo, God appeared and helped him across the flooded river, holding his hand. After they crossed over, God asked Sham Lal to demand anything of Him.

Spotting this, Nand Lal found it very strange since he had always worshiped God with flowers and money while Sham Lal had always insulted Him. So what had transpired that God was so happy with Sham Lal?

That's when God let Nand Lal know that, "A blessed person is clear and determined in his doings and even a flooded river cannot deter him from keeping his tryst with Me.

I enjoyed Sham Lal's determination and feel he has all the qualities of a good devotee." God's generosity completely changed Sham Lal's heart and after that he was a perfect devotee, focused in doing good for God's sake.

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