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Career Awareness, Career Coaching and Selection of Higher Education Opportunities

Career Awareness, Career Coaching and Selection of Higher Education Opportunities

During this time of the year, parents and students often begin to discuss and or finalize the selection of higher education programs to prepare their children for eventual career paths.

My experience over that last five years is that often these decisions are made on the basis of status, family history (someone in the family is in the profession) or on a perception of constitutes a “hot” or trendy career field.

While making selections for professional endeavors and the educational programs that are pre-requisite in this manner is one way to plan for the future, it unfortunately overlooks two important variables. Does the individual have the traits and preferences that fit well with that profession and perhaps, more important in the long run, will they truly embrace that profession with not only their mind but their heart?

Global research and the experience of professional career coaches suggest an intense desire for a career makes all the difference.

I often ask both youth and older career changers the following question: What can you imagine yourself doing for work that would make you jump out of bed every morning with anticipation and joy? What do you enjoy so much that you would do it even if you were not paid for it?

While some think these questions are silly or idealistic, the truth is we do our best work when we can add passion and enthusiasm.

As a trained counsellor, career management consultant and certified level A and B workplace assessor, I can assist in a variety of ways. I use a combination of discussion, imagery and psychometric testing to help people make educational and career choices that are based on their personality preferences, their goals and their self - identity.

I firmly believe, as my graduate school mentor once said: After considering, content, location, work functions, educational requirements, work environments and the current labor market conditions, ask yourself one more question….where is the “magic”? Does this choice have even “magic for the soul and heart that it will propel me through my life?

It’s a question worth asking, and my services can help.

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