Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Do’s and Don’ts When Driving in Foggy Conditions

Do’s and Don’ts When Driving in Foggy Conditions

õ While driving under foggy weather, motorists should reduce the speed gradually and drive at a controlled speed that fits the circumstances.

õ Motorists should make sure that all the lights of the vehicle are in good working condition, the instructions read.

õ They should use low lights as the head lights reflect water drops in the fog, thus making visibility difficult.

õ Motorists are advised to switch on the fog lights if available in the car and be patient avoiding overtaking and changing lanes.

õ The motorists have been advised to follow the traffic signals on the road and drive at the right end of the road and not in the middle.

õ They have also been instructed to leave double space than usual between two vehicles and be vigilant and alert for any possible mishap.

õ While driving under foggy conditions, motorists should keep themselves away from any distractions like mobile phones etc.

õ Motorists should be careful in listening and pay attention to any warnings and the road.

õ While driving, make sure that the window panes and mirrors are clean and use vipers.

õ If the fog is thick, motorists should stop the vehicles away from the road and vehicular traffic and turn the hazard lights on.

õ Motorists are also advised not to stop the vehicle on the road or they could get involved in a mishap leading to a serious pile up.

õ Motorists are advised not to speed, even if the fog starts clearing as the fog can get thick again.

õ One should not try to speed by overtaking a slow moving car and keep an eye on the speed.

õ If a motorist realizes that he is speeding, one should reduce it immediately.

õ Motorists have been advised to use low beam lights in poor visibility conditions.

õ Before starting a journey, motorists are advised to listen to the weather forecast bulletin and the condition of traffic.

õ They are advised to cancel the journey until the situation improves, the instructions said.

courtesy: Khaleej Times

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