Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Want to test your fitness, climb 55 floors

Want to test your fitness, climb 55 floors
By a staff reporter KHALEEJ TIMES 26 February 2008

DUBAI — A high rise stair climb in Dubai’s iconic tall buildings will be held on February 29. As part of it, participants will scale 55 floors to test both their endurance and fitness.

The ‘Dynamisan High Rise Stair Climb’ was announced yesterday by Novartis Consumer Health (NCH).

The climb, to be held at the A W Rostamani 21st Century Tower in Dubai, is expected to be rolled out throughout the GCC countries over the coming months.

With the increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the UAE, this climb aims to showcase the benefits of taking the stairs and getting more physical exercise to combat obesity and help ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Stair climbing is an effective cardiovascular work-out and burns twice as many calories as other sporting activities; 15 minutes of stair climbing produces the same results as 30 minutes of running. Climbing up the first 20 flights will be aerobic, after which the climb will intensify becoming an intense anaerobic work-out.

Samah ElManzalawy, Dynamisan Brand Manager from Novartis Consumer Health said, “We all work long hours and tend to neglect our health, especially with regards to exercise. We are often too tired to exercise, even though it will give us an energy boost.”

The event is open to everyone.

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